First day daycare/17mon

Again quotes from Zen habits:

“You lethargic, waiting upon me,
waiting for the fire and I
attendant upon you, shaken by your beauty

Shaken by your beauty

~William Carlos Williams

Typically articles on ZB blog are very practical. This one is not. It starts with a poem and reads like a song and ends up with a picture in my head.

Today is Meimei’s first official day in daycare. She had two days for test drive before today. She did amazing on the past two days that no crying at drop-off, happy hanging out with teachers, eating well, and napping well (except a little incidence she was beaten on the chin by another kid :(). Of course most of these are based on reports from the teacher. I was relieved while surprised (too good to be true, isn’t it!). It seems nothing else I could ever ask for for her first daycare experience.

Today when I sent her lunch and was peeking outside the window. It is different than I imagined. She looked puzzled, confused, and not playing with teacher and other kids, and looks like she is thinking something. Her uncertain face expression reminded me when I first time left home and went to college all by myself. I was lonely and afraid and not sure what was coming. Now Meimei is only 17 month. She has been such a brave girl exploring this world.

One the first day of daycare, Meimei, mama wants to tell you: It is okay to cry anytime; it is okay not to be an “expected” girl; just slow down and take your time. We are all here with you. Love you.


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