Exercise habit

It has been one month since I started to try out my exercise plan. I have been successfully stick to the plan (Hooray!) and had the first step accomplished in terms of forming this habit.

The idea to set priority and form habits in life was inspired by chatting with my friend Yiru and reading the Zen habits blog she recommended.

The blog suggests to start with meditation as first habit as it is the foundation of all. I chose exercise as the first habit to try because 1) workout and sweating is the happiest moment for me; 2) exercise is something I know if you pay, you gain. There are not too many things like this; 3) exercise is used to be my habit and I just need to pick it up.

Below are what I found most useful for me to stick to the plan:

  • Find a partner and commit to the plan together. In case one person didn’t complete the plan, the partner get punishment (rather than reward, as we felt we are too nice to punish others)
  • Set ┬áminimum goal that you couldn’t find any excuse not to do it. My minimum goal is 10 push-ups. For the past month, I did 10 push-ups as minimum ( I did miss a few days – simply forgot), I consider a good day if I ran 1 mile, and a wonderful day if I swam, yoga, or went biking.
  • Always have exercise gear with you (clean gym clothes and shoes; while clean is not mandatory)
  • Enjoy during exercise

I will keep going with exercise habit, and will start to try meditation as second habit. I have read all the posts related to meditation from Zen habits and decided to try it with the attitude “Let’s see what happens”. I will start with 5 minute meditation every evening before going to bed.